Microfiction challenge #17: A satisfied couple

Sorry it’s a bit (a lot) late. We got back later than expected. The title of this week’s image is in German so I could be completely wrong when I translate it roughly as ‘On the way to church’. However, for me, the title fits perfectly. The couple have a such self-satisfied expressions. He could be thinking about something funny a friend said to him in the bar, but she has that particular curl of the lip suggesting, ‘I have really made it’ that, to my eye, makes her instantly antipathetic. But that’s not the only interpretation of the scene. Who are these people walking side by side but not touching? Where are they going on this brisk autumn day and why—a wedding, to the reading of a will? And what is on the piece of paper? That painting is dated 1935 if that gives you more ideas.

You don’t have quite as long to cogitate this week, but when you have your story, please post the link in the comments, before next Thursday.