On April 24 I posted a triolet about the modern Viking longship parked along the waterfront. I had to borrow a photo of said boat since my phone refused to cough up my photos. Well, it did. yesterday. It took a mere ten days for the email with the photos to travel the 50 centimetres from phone to computer. To celebrate, here’s another Viking triolet.

Viking 1.jpg

With such adventures you regale

The stay-at-homes who never sailed

In search of saga or wild tale!

With such adventures you regale

The guests whose imaginations pale

At so much fantastic stuff retailed.

With such adventures you regale

The stay-at-homes who never sailed.



Poems for tourists


Sunbathers on a beach
slumber, oiled and indifferent
to the grandiose history of a grain of sand
or the dark, unsoundable depths
of the waves’ home.

Destroying the magic

Footsteps in the wilderness
no matter how quiet
make the wilderness


I feel no need to touch the pyramids
to see my footprints in desert sand
or stalk a tiger with native guide
or be the first to leave a plastic bag
in a virgin forest.


Floating hotel squats
obstructing the riverfront
spewing its load of credit cards
into the waiting boutiques.

New camera

Better to watch and observe
than snap and snap and snap.