February walk

The day started with thrushes and a deer barking, the sun shining through early morning mist. I put on wellies to walk through the fields, past the woods along the stream, stopped to take a photo of some of the neighbour’s daffodils, the ones the sheep have left.

I always take a stick just in case, but by the time I reached the château, the tracks of wild boar were so fresh they were making me nervous.

I turned for home as the cranes were passing overhead, in their noisy, undisciplined formations. The wind was fierce up there, the skeins dissolving and the birds circling in directionless flocks. Tired and hungry, none wanted to take the leader’s place. In bird world, that’s the hardest, least enviable place of all.


Spring flowers

It’s spring flower time. Photos taken over the last fortnight.

The blackthorn was the first to blossom.


The daffodils have been in flower for a couple of weeks now.


and the celandine


This monumental stack of blue flower isn’t ceanothus but rosemary.


The shade beneath the hedges is full of violets


and the meadow is an ocean of deep blue muscari