Counting, or not

The Daily Post prompt is: mistake.


I counted days until we’d meet,

In summer heat.

Agreement cool:

Was I a fool?


I count the minutes on the train:

Not be in vain,

My silent plea,

Be there for me.


I count the faces at the gate,

The train is late,

But you’re not there;

You didn’t care.

I saw the cloud burst

The Daily Post prompt is: Witness.


I saw the cloud burst on the lake

And no sound make

But falling rain

Like summer grain.


I saw the water dimple-specked,

With silver flecked,

Beneath the clouds,

Outspread like shrouds.


The path you’d take by the lake’s edge,

Where wind-swept sedge

Bodes winter chill,

Is empty still.



For the Daily Post prompt: Surface.

Photo ©Domenico Salvagnin


Just a second ago it was there,

Shining brightly as an August sky,

If I reached I could break through the skin.


Cold water on every side presses,

I hear the pale sounds of life draining,

Of rocks fraying lifelines worn too thin.


Bright diamonds of air stream away,

The surface a dream or a mirror

Of the darkness that fills me within.


For the Daily Post prompt, a trilune poem.


Maybe you meant it all for the best,

Maybe the stars had reason to hide,

Maybe the moon was elsewhere that night.


Maybe the wind’s song helped you to sleep,

Maybe the night was too dark to see,

Maybe you were just being polite.


My tears were real though hid by the dark,

The stars and moon saw what you did not:

Heartbreak that will not heal in the light.