After the fire

After the fire

The fire is ash, the dark sky darker,
and the rain falls heavy as sorrow.

There was no tapping at the window,
the places set remained empty,

but I heard the owls and their calling
across the meadows and the swaying trees.

The door is closed now, the cloud veil drawn,
and the night will deepen before the dawn,

yet there is a spark, a memory of soft fingers
brushing my cheek with feather-touch,

and from the corner of my eye,
I think I catch the fading of a smile.

Perhaps you came after all.

Night is here again


Night is here again,
dark as ever, dark as Hades
and full of rain.

The light returns tomorrow
so they say, the ones who know,
who measure the turning of the earth
through standing stones

and the stories coursing in their blood
of death and birth,
and how the sunrise hits a smooth stone
in a chamber set into a hill.

Night is here again.
That’s all I know.

Life goes on

Five short poems on a theme.



There are many shades of darkness

but the darkest

is the glitter in your eyes.


Hold back the waves of sleep,

wash away the falling veil,

for in the shadows, I still want to see

the empty space once filled with you.


Ash from the last fire

blows in dark, cosmic winds

with the glint of silver stardust

and the moon’s tears

mingled with my own.


Last sorrows fading with the light,

In the tree a blackbird sings,

Leaves blow in any wind.

One foot at a time,

One breath on another,

The hand reaches for the cup,

Life goes on.


Last dry leaf rustles,

crisp cold crackling,

a summer memory clinging,

till winter storm strips,

spring buds swelling,

life always and ever,

just beneath the skin.

My new super-hero is called Melmoth

Who wouldn’t be thrilled to get a review like this? It even made me want to grab a copy!