Painting ©Audrey Anna Rostohar Ingibersdottir


Day breaks at cockcrow

and pigeon murmur

whisper of the breeze

through the hues

deepening of yellows greens and blues.

Day breaks in feather-rustle

and the silent slipping of deer among the trees.

Day breaks the darkness

into a million glittering fragments

the ever reforming cycle

wind-ocean moon-arc weightless

molten sunbeam river run

star-sleep earth-wake.

Night breaks into day


Torrents of darkness

wash moonlight from the meadow

where hares ear-twitch

listening to the creeping grass

fox padding

silent as a thief.



fox wind-sniffs

the chaff-filled harvest air

slipping through night fields

past chained dogs

and restless

cocorico-crowing cocks

padding beneath my window

where flowers sleep.


Dawn breaks in hesitant song

another night vanquished while

fox pads into the shadows—


night magic lingers

in unshed dewdrops.

Poetry challenge #38: Daybreak

This is another nifty poetry form, the minute poem. No, I have no idea why it’s called that, or even how it’s pronounced. You can find out how it operates here

The theme is


and this is the image I’ve chosen, another one that opens up possibilities. Since I’m imposing a theme and a form, I won’t even suggest any words.

Please leave a link to your composition in the comments before next Tuesday when I will do (if all goes well) a round up. Have fun with this one, it’s worth fiddling with. My own attempt is below;


A Selkie Dream


Sitting here at golden daybreak,

The path you’d take

Is empty still,

The songbirds trill.


The ocean laps upon the shore,

I’ll wait no more

For your return,

My love you spurn.


I’ll make a life of bright new dreams,

Where pearl light gleams.

Waves call my name,

My birthright claim.