Haiku challenge: Diamonds & Pearls

Ronovan’s challenge this week is another great prompt. Following Sun & Moon, Diamonds & Pearls.


Diamonds in the rain

rivers take them to the sea

to lie with pale pearls.


Rivers of diamonds

strings of pearls among the weed

secret water gems.


Pearls lie fathoms deep

in a glittering ocean

diamond raindrops—strewn.

Poetry challenge Diamonds in space: the entries

This was the prompt picture


It inspired a wide range of thoughts. Here they are, as they arrived.

Kat Myrman’s double nonet


Ecstacy | like mercury colliding…



Ken’s poem is entitled

Worlds in collision

Worlds in collision
a vision unwelcome
yet sorely needed

Compromise ceded
impeded by circumstance
chance no longer a factor

Stagnation, starvation
for any emotion
apart from frustration

Needs no longer shared
pared until disparate
separate in identity

A perfect storm in
the form of silence
as two become none

When all is undone in
the final fission of
worlds in collision

Worlds in Collision | rivrvlogr


Kerfe sent in this thoughtful poem

Lost in space


Carol sent in this more lighthearted entry

: Space Crystals | WritersDream9


Next, a cinquain from Mr Todd on a glittery theme

Twinkle… | A Flash of Fiction…


To end with, Janice takes us back out into space

Diamonds in Space–Jane Dougherty Poetry Challenge | Ontheland


I know it’s to season to spend every waking moment either shopping or thinking about shopping, so double thanks for taking the time to play along with the space theme. Tomorrow I’ll post a challenge so you’ll have something to fiddle around with while the mince pies are digesting.

Microfiction: Diamonds in space

This short piece (100 words almost) was written in response to the Secret Keeper’s challenge to use these five words in either a poem or prose piece:




The night sky was aglimmer with strange dust. They leant on the windowsill and watched, in awe, as the dust specks grew larger, brighter, closer.

Putting their hands over their eyes, they screwed them tight shut against the brilliance as rough diamonds poured, a torrent, a cascade, bursting through the earth’s atmosphere in a blinding flash of carbon flare.

The rain of diamonds swept the turning Earth, swept away the flimsy concrete and stone shelters, flushed out the puny occupants and carried their ghosts, whispering their goodbyes, into the black void.

Poetry challenge #10: image prompt

Images of stars and galaxies are incredibly beautiful and an endless source of inspiration. I found this picture, entitled Diamonds in space, among the NASA images and thought I’d use it as this week’s poetry prompt.


Use whatever form you find most appropriate, haiku, micropoetry, a complex rhyming form, prose poem, shape poem or anything else you can think of.

I’ve used this image to illustrate a microfiction piece for the Secret Keeper’s challenge which I’ll post later.

Get creating and post your links here. Take your time—you have a whole week.

Stars at midnight


The blue of eternity

Is dense and deep as the darkest star-filled sky,

The deepest ocean trench,

The colour of your eyes at midnight.

The rogue star

Is the diamond

That falls from the corner of midnight,

When birds are silent,

And only the fox barks at the moon.

In your eyes,

Midnight diamonds scatter wild starlight,

The fox barks,

While stars fall,

And the world is a deep, ocean, midnight sky blue

Wrapping us about

In the silver mantle of the moon.