Dog rose haiku

Photo ©Nikita Karasik


Desire reaches out

plucks the rose that bears a thorn

blood specks white petals.


Will I take the rose

watch its fragile petals fall

the bee search in vain?


You with avid eyes

will you forgive the wounding

or will the thorn stay?


Five photos, Five Stories Challenge: Day Two

Second photo, same rules as yesterday (see here—I know, I’m lazy) and today I nominate a blogger, writer, poet etc etc who I only know as KittyKat to take up the challenge.


PENTAX Digital Camera



Dog rose,


Tangling, rambling,

Creeping and covering,


The links of the fence,

You raise your many faces to the sun,

Dropping stray pearls of beauty,

Pale and suavely scented,

As if all this wilderness,

Verdantly busy and bustling,

Belongs to you.


And the same subject as Haiku.

Dog rose claims the fence

the wilderness her domain

sun her creator.