Another dragon quadrille for dverse.

Photo ©Jörg Hempel


Winter memories cling

like ice fringing ferns

of mornings when birds

are too cold to sing,

but spring shoots slow

from the roots like a burning fuse

bursting into flame flowers, glow

splashed in the sky

and instead of slow worm-creeping

I am dragon-flying.

Microfiction: A beautiful surprise

First thoughts on this pic. I’ll have more serious ones later, I hope.


“Close your eyes and hold out your hands,” she said, grinning with delight. He held out his hands.

“Careful,” she said.

He opened his eyes. They widened with pleasure then misted over. “Oh,” he said in an uncharacteristically tiny voice. “It’s beautiful.”

“It’s what you wanted?”

He nodded, speechless.

“I wanted today to be special. It isn’t the Big One-Oh-Oh-Oh every birthday is it?”

“Do you know what it is?” he asked as he turned the big golden egg around in trembling claws.

“A Fabergé. Cost me half a hoard. But you’re worth it,” she said and kissed him on the tip of his smoky nose.

Haiku challenge: Dragon & invite

Ronovan’s challenge this week has produced three haiku, but only the first one contains both words.

Photo ©André Karwath


Dragonfly skims by

inviting comparison

with ancient namesake.

red sky.jpg

Dragon in the sky

storm clouds in fierce sunset hues

spell blood and fire.


Photo ©Dario Sanches

On a sunny stone

beneath sultry summer skies

small dragon sunbathes.