Some people


The families in magazines all have straight teeth even the babies

and white carpets and ecru furniture.

Even the dog basket is ecru.

They pad around barefoot in teeshirts in winter

and they smile so hard their teeth must hurt.

They wear white to paint the ceiling and repair the lawnmower.

They cook things that only require stirring

in bare feet and white shirts

and they eat at a table of arctic whiteness.

Mother stands by proudly, wearing ecru oven gloves

and smiles to see them enjoying their banana and grated carrot salad.

The baby gets a smear of banana on his face.

They all laugh

and take his picture to send to the grandparents

who have never seen a baby with a smear of banana on his face.

Their cuteness excruciates.

I wonder where they live

and is it in some gated community

so they never get bricks through their windows

and the little girl with long blonde hair

doesn’t have to got to a school

where she has to sit next to a kid with nits and a bruised face

that she might touch with gentle fingers to sooth away the pain

and later because the smiling teeth don’t understand

sob herself to sleep in her white-sheeted bed.