Erased Haibun for a winter hedge

In the green gloom of mizzle, the red of spindle berries flashes a feast—hips, haws and dainty fairy lights dance enticing the birds, butcher’s broom berries and bryony bright, but not for you or I.

Berries light the hedge

glow warm as last year’s sundrops

summer memories.

In the gloom

red flashes

dainty birds

bright sundrops.

Haibun: sound of crickets

An extreme erased haibun for the dverse ‘cricket’ challenge.

Dusk. The moon and Mars above the trees and the pale silhouettes of hunting owls calling, soft and quavering. White scuts sharp in the lowering light as rabbits flit on silent paws, and the air thrills with summer warmth caught in the crickets’ throb.

How loud the silence

this summer night calls

to the pale stars





and owls flit

caught in the silence;

summer calls

to the stars.

Haibun: Silent sounds

This extreme haibun erased is for the dverse prompt.



The silence that never falls is all around—the sound of damp air between dripping raindrops, the intake of birdbreath when a run of notes is ended, and the run of words that never falters, never stumbles in the ghost voice in my head.


On the cusp

of the rose petal

a single note rings.



the sound of raindrops

on the rose petal

Haibun: Long spring day

This extreme haibun (55 words) is for the dverse prompt, long spring day.

Sun, hothouse orange, lowering to the tree line, shines directly into the west windows, shines through the open inner doors, floods the kitchen and beyond. We sit at the window, lapped by golden meadow and eat supper with soft spring sun in our plates.


Light stretches the length

of a tender-budded branch

spring fire ignited.

Haibun: This place

An extreme haibun (less than 55 words) for the NaPoWriMo prompt.

Looking east

Here is green, stalk and leaf, the bright splash of flower heads, a jay’s blue wing feathers, and layers of sun like honey on a wafer. Here, trees bow, breeze-blown, spreading unfurled flags of many nations, speaking myriad tongues to the water.


Noise is bird-babble,

water trickle where ducks splash,