My story Sealskin is published in the current issue of Enchanted Conversation magazine. I’m grateful to the team at Enchanted for their continuing support. Thank you, Amanda!


The table of contents is here

and you can read my story here


Enchanted pond life

I have a second flash fiction fairy tale retelling in Enchanted Conversation magazine! You can read it here. It shares the bill with a Rapunzel story, so of you’re more into hair than frogs, there’s something for you too 🙂


#Three Line Tale: Prince Charming

A very short three-liner this week for Sonya’s photo prompt.

photo by Ronaldo Santos via Unsplash



A knuckle raps on the window and a deep, husky voice calls, “Excuse me.”

I raise the sash, puzzled—I’m on the fifth floor—and the rest of my life suddenly turns into a fairy tale.

With a dazzling smile, the dream reaches out. “I think you dropped these.”



Fairy tale flash fiction: Matches

First of all, happy birthday, David Bowie, and thank you for being my lucky star. Today, Enchanted Conversation magazine published my fairy tale flash piece based on the story of the Little Match Girl. The Starman was looking down on her too. You can read the story here


The Snow Queen

I saw this competition in Sacha Black’s newsletter and thought I’d enter. I love fairy tale  and folk tale retelling so it’s right up my alley. You can read my story here. If I’ve understood the rules of engagement correctly, the story needs to have five likes to be considered in the competition, so if you have a few minutes, please go here

and give it a read and a like, if you did.