No harm done, he said

A third short poem for the Secret Keeper’s writing prompt using the words



No harm will come, he said, she smiled,

I’ll love you long and deep, he said,

An act it was, for all his words,

At dawn across the sea he fled.


She bore the loss, she bore his child,

She bore the stares of righteous folk,

But when her bairn lay still and cold,

She could no more; her poor heart broke.


They wrapped her in a winding cloth,

And in her arms they laid the child,

Wild roses in her hair they wound,

And over both the good earth piled.


Four short poems on a theme.


The lode star is dark,

These days of midwinter,

The days are short,

The nights long and lonely,

and the empty sea is boundless.


The road was a river of moonlight,

For just one fleeting moment,

When my heart hoped

That love had changed your mind.

But the moment passed,

You turned away,

And the silver became

A silent river of tears.


I tossed away the bauble you gave me,

Faithlessness needs no souvenirs.

Now it lies, hid in the reeds,

Tucked inside a moorhen’s nest.


Should you come back in springtime,

When the cherry tree’s in flower,

My eyes will be full of blossom.

The time is past when tender words,

Would spread sweet honey

Over unhealed wounds.

The world has turned, grown older.

I will watch the moorhen’s chicks,

And count my blessings.