Poetry challenge Fifty: the entries

This challenge was the last for the time being. Call it the end of Season One. This has been one helluva ride for me, so much poetry that I’ve discovered, and met so many poets. I hope you have enjoyed it too. When things settle down I hope to bring the challenge back. In the meantime, keep writing and keep in touch.

Lady Lee has been ever cheerful

Poetry challenge #50: Fifty – ladyleemanila

Sarah with a typically brilliant interpretation.

Constellation – a 50 poem for Jane Dougherty | fmme writes poems

Ken always thoughtful

Stellar View | rivrvlogr

Claudia the artist’s eye

Spread Across the Night Sky – Claudia McGill Writes Poetry, Did You Know That?

She got the bit between her teeth this week.

Lament – Claudia McGill Writes Poetry, Did You Know That?

Merril’s tender historian’s eye

Constellations | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings

Kim, always glorious, vibrant poetry.

In Honour of the Moon

Kat who brings the personal touch to the big issues

Star War | like mercury colliding…

The crow’s parting shot is an uncharacteristically light-hearted offering. No black feathers this time.

fifty (20160929) – Words and Feathers

Janice, the social conscience

Meanings – Ontheland

Sue, ever cosmic and mystic

Constellation | Sue Vincent – Daily Echo

Leara dancing with her dreams

From Down Below – Leara writes and other creative things…

Damien, finding beauty in everything…even cremation.

CONSTELLATIONS; BEAUTY BURNING | Deuxiemepeau- Picturing Poetry by D. B. Donnelly

Sri, always in praise of beauty and simplicity.


and a late entry that Sri forgot to post yesterday



Poetry challenge #50: Fifty

The big five o calls for something special. I think it also calls for a break. I’d like to catch up on writing and shop around some of the manuscripts that are just sitting on my computer getting old and boring. So, this challenge will be the last one until I get a few things sorted out. Houses being one of them.

For the fiftieth challenge, I’ve scrapped what I had planned and thought of this idea this morning. I’d be pleased if you give it a whirl. The rules are simple, a single stanza of five lines of ten syllables each. The five end of line words all rhyme, so I strongly suggest you pick a selection of rhyming words before you start.

The image I had chosen I’ve decided to keep because I like it. The title is ‘Constellations’.

Please post the link to your poem in the comments box before next Thursday, or if you’re Ken, just post your link in the comments  box.



The city night is full of light and noise,

I try to pierce the glare of neon toys,

Flashing glitter creating false day ploys.

Beyond the garish din the calm destroys,

A million stars the gentle night sea buoys.