Blue barque blue whale

Another florescence sequence.


I saw no stars falling,
heard no sirens calling,
no winged horse, I’m trawling through sea-dreams.

A blue barque with white sail,
a fish hawk with red tail,
an ocean with blue whale and green waves

wait on the edge of sleep,
silent fish dart in deep
waters, where flowers weep their goodbyes.


Florescence sequence: Day night sleep

For Colleen’s weekly prompt, a syllable-counting poem of my invention. This is a sequence of three Florescence poems, three lines of six, six and nine syllables respectively, with a rhyme on the sixth, twelfth and eighteenth syllables.



Beneath the bird’s egg blue
of sky by rain washed new
and clothed in heaven’s hue, all seems clear,

though in the darkest night
the brashest city light
casts shadow black and white—monochrome.

Yet take my hand, we’ll run
till days and nights are done
swept up into the sun, there to sleep.