Today’s Daily Post prompt. Now I really must get on with some work…


The room is empty,

The night is still,

Cold sheets unwrinkled,

Vixen cries shrill.

Sleep won’t come,

All night and day,

I hear your steps,

As you walked away.

The reason forgotten,

But your face I recall,

Among the stars,

When the shadows fall.


I don’t remember


I don’t remember the house where I was born

nor the first words that I spoke,

first steps, first smile.

I don’t remember the day I started school

nor the first time I saw the sea.

The first ride on a train,

a plane, forgotten with familiarity.

I don’t remember the last time I saw my dad

or the last living look of my mother

nor my grandmother’s words before I left home.

I don’t remember why we broke up,

the words that were said or the colour of the sky.

If only, I say, I had known,

all these last times, these first times

I would have stored away,

hidden in a box beneath the bed

to take out and polish,

hone like a hunting knife

and let the memories dig, gouge, bite,

for the pain at least would remind me

that I once spoke and loved and lost

in that distant world full of yesterdays,

drifting away into the mists of oblivion.

In the rain


I stand in the rain/ the rain is falling,

Watch you walk away/ among the roses.

No words to stop you/ recalling summer’s past,

The good times forgotten/ when our love was new.

Puddles are forming/ grey sky reflected,

Like memories leaking/ in droplets so perfect,

Tears in the wind/ shaken from rose blooms,

Can you not see them?/ Can you hear them fall?