Haiku sequence for the Sturgeon moon

For Frank Tassone’s haikai challenge. Lots of moons.


in the shallows

of the sky clouds shoal

a beam of silver


in the half-light

between bright day and dark night

moon rises


caught in waving

tree fronds framing a sky pool

the moon


in a silver pool

of tree-kelp swims the moon

as sturgeon fish

Gogyohka for heat and birdsong

For Frank Tassone’s haikai challenge.


sun melts and drips

yellow as an oriole’s feathers

into the hush

with the sweet golden fluting

of his song


among the leaves

limp with sun

where wood pigeons croon lullabies

shade dapples flash with spread wings

and the heat sings


molten beams spread


a rising tide

until the evening is awash

with liquid sun


and still the singing

no audience

no applause

only the heckling of woodpeckers

shadows lengthening


and perhaps at the end

before the night

when sleep calls

the satisfaction

of a job well done

Haiku sequence for the thunder moon

For Frank Tassone’s Thunder Moon challenge.



in unclouded silence—

thunder moon


summer speaks

silver and gold with thunder

in the moon’s voice



nights rocked with rain lit day-bright

behind clouds—the moon


night storm

among the billows

the moon glows


look—not fireflies

about the moon not stars

lightning flickers