I dream of ghosts


I dream of ghosts,

Pale faces loitering,

Slipping in and out

Of the uncertain light,

Hiding in shadows

Cast by the night.

Black wings spread,

Ragged pinions obscure

Moon and stars,

In a sky so deep,

So cold, so far,

Too late for sleep,

Too full of scars,

The silence howls,

The world’s askew,

Since I lost you.

Staring into the river

The Secret Keeper’s weekly words prompt is to use these five words in a poem. Once again, finding a link between them was quite natural. Thanks for ideas, Secret 🙂



Staring into the river,

Holding onto a dream,

That wears the outdated rags

Of another time.

I dip my hand into the stream,

To touch the cold glitter,

Of what once seemed true gold,

And wonder should I let it go.

The ripples spread,

The picture breaks,

Your face a shattered web,

Like cracked ice on a puddle,

Beneath, just cold mud,

And last year’s leaves.