Friday on my mind

The dverse prompt this evening is portrait painting, which is a bit of a coincidence as I’ve just posted a rerun of a story I wrote years ago about a neighbour and his dog. Since M. François is on my mind, here is a haibun devoted to his fond memory;

Some people drift in and out of our lives travelling light, keeping only the essentials. He left wife, children long ago, let them get on with it, their noisy demands—his cats were more grateful for the quiet he gave them. He acquired a small dog, abandoned in the park, that recognised generosity, a soft touch when it saw it. Generosity was middle-aged, portly, sitting on a park chair enjoying the sun.

He enjoyed small things, like kittens and kindness, and he drifted out of my life, with his cats and his small dog when his landlord sold the building. We carried on feeding the abandoned fighting cock and the stray cats as he had done until more property developers slapped their hands together and disappeared them all.

spirits live not in the sky

but in the breath of the wind

they linger in laughter

around every street corner

just out of sight

Editor’s pick: Friday

Last November, Literally Stories published Friday, a short story I wrote about an old neighbour here in Bordeaux. June Griffin chose it today as one of her three editor’s picks. You can read her review here..

You can read the story of François and how he made a new friend here

Thanks to June for the review, and to the editors at Literally Stories for publishing Friday.

The painting is by Verrocchio, but you’d think he used Vendredi as the model.