If you enjoy stories…

In the euphoria of reaching the finalist list of the Irish Imbas Celtic Mythology contest, I’d like to offer a copy of my Norse short stories to anyone who likes my writing style. The Celtic stories aren’t edited yet, but, stories are stories.

If you would like a free copy of Tales from the Northlands, just fill in the contact form below and I’ll send you one.



Last one on the shelf

There’s just one epub copy left of Abomination. Sorry there weren’t enough pdf copies to go round, but if anyone would like this, just leave a message below. Converting epub to pdf or mobi is quite easy using Calibre.

Thanks for the response and hope you all enjoy the book. And the series, of course.


Giveaway as in free books

I have several author copies of Abomination to give away in epub and pdf format. If you have read the excerpts and think you’d like to read the story, let me know in the comments box.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can get up to speed by going here, here,

here and here.

If this kind of thing appeals, just leave your name in the comments, and say which format you would prefer.


Be different: read a book for Saint Paddy’s Day

As most of the inhabitants of this planet know, Tuesday is Saint Patrick’s Day. There will be parades, parties, hard drinking, and riotous assemblies on a global scale.

This year, Ali Isaac and I thought we would start a new trend. We are going to encourage the drinkers and partygoers, the green-painted ones with fake shamrocks sprouting out of silly hats, the paraders with shillelaghs made in China and dogs wearing leprechaun outfits, to stay at home and READ A BOOK!
To this end, we are prepared to equip the entire planet of revellers with A BOOK to read, completely FREE OF CHARGE.


I am not kidding. For three days, March 16th 17th and 18th, Grá mo Chroí, our little collection of love stories drawn from Irish myth, will be available from


For absolutely nothing!
So, get your copy, stay ahead of the pack, and you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren you were one of the first. You hung up your shillelagh and read yourself stupid instead.

Thanks to Ardfern for the lovely pic.