My dreams for you

The subject of the Redon pastel drawing is Pandora, but what she seems to have released is beauty.


I dance among the debris of my dreams,

Scattered in a cloud about your head.

They fall as soft as feathers, shine as bright,

Though you may never see or taste their light.

My arms are full of moonbeams, roses sweet,

And robin’s song fills every heart but yours.

Listen, to the truth his music brings—

There is room for you and all your fears

In these silver arms, where moon-sweet beauty sings.

Haibun:Best things

Another haibun for the dVerse poetry prompt

Photo©Takashi Hososhima


Everything has a price. The favour accepted creates a debt, cheap clothes means cheap labour, cheap meat untold suffering, the holiday paradise a hell of despair for displaced fishermen. To touch and taste and possess without thought for the why and the how is to take reality and bend it through a prism of comfort. Real is hard and harsh and life has to be bought with sweat or love. Give love and expect no return. Give love, like dogs give, and reap a harvest of beauty.


Starlight through the trees

where ruffle-feathered birds roost

tucked in night’s blanket.