gogyohka for a summer meadow

For Frank Tassone’s haikai challenge. Yesterday was the first day this summer the thermometre topped 100°F (38°C°) but the flowers are still blooming.


ctas ears and chicory

after hay-making

chicory and cats’ ears scatter colour

across the ocean green

fragments of sky

drops of sunlight


chicory and cat's ears


From dusk to morning


Deer are barking

across the setting sun

a world apart


through the long grass

snake glides

climbs the fig tree biblically

taking the slender boughway

over the hedge top


in the path

yellow feathers strewn

midnight feast


oriole flutes an elegy

for lost kindred

in the gold of morning


small corpses


laid by the path

an offering to the night fox

are gone by morning




in the dry heat

among smooth shiny things

the sun picks out beacons

sometimes diamonds

sometimes a hay stalk


sometimes a hay stalk

shiny smooth

drying in the heat

flashes like a diamond beacon

because the sun


because the sun

a broken stalk of fescue

shiny smooth

flashes diamond bright




in the dry heat

diamonds shine

smooth as hay stalks

caught by the sun


caught by the sun


we see hay stalks

where there are only diamonds


Gogyohka for a poorly cat

Trixie is twelve years old this month. We tend to forget she’s getting on a bit, she’s such a good little trooper. We took her to the vet this morning for the second time in her twelve years, because she won’t eat. It might be only a surfeit of voles or that dead bird she found and ate. She has some cat medicine to settle her digestive tract, and we have instructions to watch her carefully over the next couple of days. Crossing fingers.

Mistress of pasta


there are more important things going on

more distress and more poignant stories

but when the Mistress of Pasta is unwell

sadness seeps into the silence

the light in the sky seems a little dimmer


Trixi's back