Haiku challenge: Time & Grow

This is for Ronovan’s haiku challenge. You can join in here.

The first haiku has ‘bloom’ instead of ‘grow’—not really a synonym, but I prefer it. So, I’ve added a second haiku with both suggested words.


Your time will come, rose

to fall in a cloud of scent.

Bloom, now, in beauty.


Once upon a time,

the green grass grew all around,

now grey concrete sprouts.

Red boat


My green pen draws a red boat
With a cargo of words in its hold
A cargo of shoots and delving roots
A floating forest of stories painted
All the colours of morning.

Red boat on a green sea
With blue wind in its sails.
On the rim of the sky a yellow sun hangs
And white gulls soar
Through a rainbow of mist.

Boat is fire-red sea glass-green
Reflecting a sky the colour of hope.
From the horizon the sun shows the way
And prow breaks the waves in a rainbow of spume
To follow the call of the gulls.

Red boat on a green sea
Sailing east with a cargo of dreams.
Take me with you into the morning
For the west is blood red and tints the green sea
With the death of aeons of suns.