The nestlings bicker
until one by one they test
new wings and fly

not far
not out of sight
not yet.

And returning one by one
in twos or threes
they fill the old place

and we pretend
that nothing has changed
the call the ties

but each time
the leaving launch is smoother
the flight further

and the heart clutches
at the trailing thread
grown so tenuous
almost one with the blue.

Earth ocean rolls

A poem begun entirely by the Oracle, then nudged along to an ending of my choosing.


Hearts dance to the greening,

the slow dance that never ends.

Day dawns damp, sowing spangles

to coax seeds set deep

in the dark of the earth ocean,

still in winter sleep dreaming,

but spring stirs, will roll from a light swell

to storm-roar of shooting and spreading,

unfolding and unfurling, climbing

skyward towards the unreachable sun.

What wakes from the dark

A collaborative poem with the Oracle, a puente.


Something is born when we wake out of the dark

into the cold grey light,

a stream that runs to the ocean,

bright as we want to make it, they say,

those same warm voices full of smiles that warn,

Don’t look back into the fire nor stare into the swaying branches,

just let the red rhythms of the night

flow into the slow green and blue,


~even though the window is broken~


and the wind blows cold,

learn to see the lies that shine too bright to be true.

Lead will not turn to gold through yearning,

life streams flow rough; the banks are high,

and time flies on relentless wings

always north into the wilds, but look,

even there in the clear brilliance of frozen air,

the stars.

Haiku challenge: Year & New part II

Couldn’t resist having another look at Ronovan’s prompt. Here is a trio for the collection.


Many years growing

the child unfolds, rose petals

each new day brings hope.


Each year the roses

their perfumed flowers unfold

a new joy each one.


New life rises—spring

dancing in the wind—year’s end

spear points pierce cold ground.