Haikai challenge: Katydid

For Frank Tassone’s haikai challenge.



and the air thrums


with the wings of katydids

long-legged gliders


Haikai challenge: Easter lily

For Frank Tassone’s haikai prompt Easter lily which has a special symbolic significance if you’re Irish. Like all symbols, it has its detractors, but they grow in all the gardens in Bordeaux and I like them. We left ours behind when we moved because one of our cats is buried under them.



Lile na Cásca

beautiful symbol of death

for ideals

lost now perhaps in the

scrimmage but pure once

Haibun for the start of spring

An early spring haibun for Frank Tassone’s haikai challenge.


Last night a barn owl fluttered, silent, moth-pale across the meadow. This morning hares raced round and round the house and the first babies toddled from their form when we blundered too close. Thrushes throng the high poplars filling the bare branches with song. Blackbirds battle.

last curled oak leaf

brown tenacious torn free

by spring’s first gust