Milan royal swarm


red kites swarm

like gnats


so much sun

on golden meadows

death stalks


grace and beauty glide

turning dark then silver-light

in deadly display


there were deer

in the meadow in the dew

and first sun


gone now

in the grinding of teeth

and broken stalks


Haiku challenge: Super & Strange

For Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge. I have used super in the Latin sense of above, and unexpected for strange. The form is gogyohka, a new one to me, like a tanka but without the syllable restrictions, one phrase per line.


crow wings stretch

above the red sunset glow

unexpected messengers

from beyond the horizon

from beyond this world


Haiku challenge: Evergreen first snow

I’m going to post a lot today because it’s my birthday and I’ll post if I want to. First up, a couple of cold, cold haiku for Frank Tassone’s challenge, one I never seem to see.


First snow settles on

evergreen, everdark firs—

white colder than black.


In the dim dark woods,

first snow, cold ghost drifts, whisper,

pure white, nevergreen.