Haiku challenge: River & Stone

I liked this theme a lot. Here is a trio of haiku for Ronovan’s weekly challenge.

Painting ©Gerhard Rießbeck


Over the earth’s bones

the river runs, strewing stones

and whitewater lace.


On the river bed,

where fish flicker and weed waves,

was stone, pebble gleams.


River of rocks rolls,

mountain thunders, dust billows,

grey ruin settles.

Haiku challenge: Bard & Water

Time to join in Ronovan’s Haiku challenge. This week the key words are Bard and Water.

Here are my two poems.

The stained glass is by Edward Burne-Jones


Honey tongued the Bard

singing his spells false seemings

water turns to wine

In two lines this gives:

Honey-tongued, the Bard singing his spells, false seemings.

Singing his spells, false seemings, water turns to wine.


Sea Wolves

Charm the waters, Bard

with spells beyond the ninth wave

bloody sea wolves hold.

In two lines:

Charm the waters, Bard, with spells beyond the ninth wave.

With spells beyond the ninth wave, bloody sea wolves hold.