Haiku Sequence

Frank Tassone has set a big catch-up challenge. Ten prompts in one. In order they are:

sea bass
Veteran’s day
indian summer
beaver moon
witherind wind
winter solstice

My response in the same order:

in the lonely field
arms reach out a perch a plea
wary crows pass by

pool bright
the silver fish turns about
a wish in his mouth

this night lit by fire
to summon and sooth the lost
the dark year begins

memories of those
we never knew—beneath rich
earth the bones sink

sun-fire lingers
at leaves’ edge as if the dark
will never come

when all is ripe
and fallen buds hatch
ready to begin again

across the face
milk-pale soft wings sweep
an owl caress

cold east roars
in the ears of the trees
last leaves ripped away

more lights lit
in the dark of the year
dance among shadows

in balance
with this dark the hope
in light’s return


Haiku sequence for the Sturgeon moon

For Frank Tassone’s haikai challenge. Lots of moons.


in the shallows

of the sky clouds shoal

a beam of silver


in the half-light

between bright day and dark night

moon rises


caught in waving

tree fronds framing a sky pool

the moon


in a silver pool

of tree-kelp swims the moon

as sturgeon fish

Haiku sequence: Birds in a hot sky

A haiku (hopefully) sequence for the dverse prompt



bold as brass echoes

with summer


swallows at sunset

flicker in elegant flight

winged evening dress


heat throbs

woodpecker-laughs while we bake

with tree envy


still hushed air

grasped in an iron fist

hot as a cat’s breath


too hot to sing

sparrowhawk ever ready

to pick a fight

Haiku sequence for the thunder moon

For Frank Tassone’s Thunder Moon challenge.



in unclouded silence—

thunder moon


summer speaks

silver and gold with thunder

in the moon’s voice



nights rocked with rain lit day-bright

behind clouds—the moon


night storm

among the billows

the moon glows


look—not fireflies

about the moon not stars

lightning flickers

Haiku for midsummer

The white bird is an egret. We usually see them in flocks, but this solitary individual (weirdo maybe) was flying with a great flock of red kites. The kites were after the hot-blooded creatures disturbed by the mowing, the egret was after grasshoppers.




beneath drying stalks

once gold

green ribs shine


waves of heat-shimmer

on the meadow break

with poplar-hiss


shade pools

dim as ocean depths where

bramble flowers wink


all these months

the thrush has sung dawn to dusk

through the dark days


light glitters now

damselfly-bright on the last

wave tip of spring


Haiku for the longest day

For Frank Tassone’s summer solstice prompt.

before mowing

the longest day

a day for mowing cutting

the year in half


all the golden stalks

the meadow

a battlefield


the gyre narrows

hawk objective probes beneath

the fallen grass


how did they know

before the engine’s rattle

that death was coming?


feather swarm glides

in untouching pattern

through the blue