Haibun sequence: Solstice

June 21st is the Fête de la musique. The idea behind its conception in the 1980s was that everyone with a yen to make music could take to the streets and let rip. It was a goodnatured event with amateur sax, accordionists, string quartets, kids school choirs etc setting up on every street corner to do their thing.

Then the bars cottoned on, hired rock and ethnic bands, set up amplis on the pavements, blocked off whole streets for dancing and drinking all night. The event went from being family friendly to being a nightmare for anyone who lives in the centre of town. It’s exam time too, and everyone knows how good a sleepless night is for exam nerves. But, impossible to say anything against the drink/tourist/entertainment industries, so we let the bars and restaurants do as they please.

Today, there is a steady downpour. It never rained ever for the solstice in all the years we lived in town. Ah well. The birds aren’t put off.

june rain 3

solstice rain

a steady drumbeat

peaceful music


Fête de la musique

rain never came to order

to drown the din


summer solstice

in town we longed for rain

to bathe cringing ears