Short sharp sorrow

Trying to get the sadness out. A haiku, a short poem, and a tanka.


Grief pangs twist the heart
Wring tears from vague sentiment
A sea to drown in.

A child is dead
And another and another
All someone’s children
All my children
So many parents’ tears
A flood of heart’s blood
To quench the fires of hatred
But ideals do not listen
Fanatics need guns
Not children.

I did not know you
never held your hand in mine
or called out your name
but I grieve for your absence
the world is a darker place.

Haiku Promises


You promised me stars
The sun and moon from the sky
You kissed me and left.
You promised me stars
The sun and moon from the sky
Clouds got in the way.
You promised me love
That would light up the night sky
Brighter than the moon.
You promised me a star
You pulled one down from the sky
And left on its tail.
Shooting star promise
Ephemeral and vibrant
Quicksilver running.
You promised your love
True forever and always
Your heart in my hands.
You kept your promise
To always love me the best
Your best was feeble.