These hands of mine

This is the other poem I wrote in response to the Jim Harrison quote Jilly posted a couple of days ago. You can read the first one here

“It is life’s work to recognize the mystery of the obvious”  


These hands of mine,

ever-busy tools,

twin companions,

never flinching from a task,

familiar as sunshine and the purring of the cat,

always before my eyes,

but in a blur of inattention,

a group noun like rain or ocean

not crystal raindrops,

or perfectly curled waves.

Only when you take them in your own,

strong-fingered, violinist, carpenter’s hands,

that make magic from wires and switches,

planks of wood,

bolt battleship-sturdy pipes,

and tease music to make the heart sob,

do I know what the maker of hands intended.

Poetry challenge: Sept

This is a challenge I am throwing out to all and sundry. The sept, I learned from Doug, the Elusive Trope, is a poetry form of seven lines following the syllable pattern of 1-2-3-4-3-2-1. It isn’t as tricky as it sounds so do please have a go.

The theme is hands, with the van Eyck detail as a prompt if you like.

Jan_van_Eyck_003This is my attempt. Post yours in the comments or if you post it on your blog, as a link. Get creating!



love fading

my misfortune

misplaced hope

bruised heart