Quadrille 7: Moonlight icing



moonlight is soft as a quiet sea

bathed in silver.

Last night,

there was a moon,

stared so hard I hid from its light,

harsh as midday,

coating limp leaves in icing,

wedding cake-hard.

I wished for storm cloud

to snuff it out.


Light-flicker, mirror-shine

Poem written as a migraine starts to take hold.


Light flickers through windy leaves,

Heavy with the weight of gold and silver,

Glitter where the river streams,

Turbulent its course, ending never.

Spring briskness twists the new green,

Shooting through hard winter crust,

Deep earth and water shed their icy sheen,

Shifts the season, bellows with every thrust.

Mirror-shine too bright to look upon,

Water rolls too loud to hearken on,

Even the fussing blackbird’s still,

Frozen in the golden, silver chill.