Herb garden

My garden is essentially herbs. There are always geraniums and roses, but until we find a way of breaking up the soil, the ‘garden’ will remain essentially herbs, mainly in pots, a few tentative attempts in the soil.

We had a similar problem with soil in Bordeaux in that the house had belonged to a painter (and decorator) and the soil was saturated with chemicals and broken glass as well as a pets’ graveyard. Very little (and no herbs) would grow in it. At least here, once we manage to get stuff into the ground, it thrives.

In front of the sorrel is a pot of something I can’t name, like chives but with flat leaves.

chives oseille


Rhubarb, basil, bay and a feeble specimen of parsley (and Trixie doing her claws on something).

basil parsely rhubarb.jpg


Hyssop and sage.

hyssop and sage.jpg


Parsley, thyme and origano.

parsely thyme origano.jpg


Rosemary and honeysuckle and more sage.

rosemary and honeysuckle.jpg


Different types of sarriette and rosemary.

sariette rosemary.jpg


Sarriette and a sage cutting planted in the ground.

sarriette sage in the ground.jpg


More thyme and honeysuckle.

Thyme and honeysuckle.jpg


One of the two intensive care units.

intensive care unit.jpg


We eat nasturtium leaves in salads.



and the chives that are everywhere and I forgot to photograph….



Summer garden

It’s Sunday and it’s hot, and I thought I’d take a few pics of the garden because I like it when it’s a jungle. Even if it has been unkindly described as ‘a green mess’.

Two years ago I wrote a post about my attempts to create a dog proof garden This post could be described more as how to stuff as much greenery as possible into a tiny town garden. Experience so far has been that the pots and rose bushes put a stop to the dog’s gallop, but NOTHING keeps cats out. Everything that I planted behind the dog barricade of pots has been dug up by gangs of felines who have obviously been working round the clock to eradicate every tiny shoot that obstructs the gigantic cats’ toilet they assume the garden to be.

PENTAX Digital Camera

How to make sure your garden gets no sunshine whatsoever.

PENTAX Digital Camera

A few pics of ‘the green mess’. Many haven’t come out, or just look like a sort of green mess.

PENTAX Digital Camera

PENTAX Digital Camera

There are about eight self-seeded fig trees growing in the garden though Finbar keeps most of them an bonsai size. A couple of them are getting out of control though.

PENTAX Digital Camera

Yes, there is an apple tree in there somewhere.

PENTAX Digital Camera

The herb garden has spread from its original spot…

PENTAX Digital Camera

PENTAX Digital Camera

The wisteria has flowered constantly since mid April…

PENTAX Digital Camera

…and now the flowers hang down next to bunches of grapes.

PENTAX Digital Camera

One day I am going to get a decent camera and a bigger garden!