There are just too many things going on inside my head. Dipping in and out of too many different worlds is bewildering and in the end unproductive. The world of The Green Woman is where I spend most of my time, but there are so many distractions. After running up against the buffers when I dismembered the first part of the next series, the distractions have looked even more interesting. It was fun rereading a story I wrote several years ago, and once I’d taken the plunge and taken it apart, rewriting the first volume rattled on at a fair lick.

As often happens though, finishing the job is much more difficult. All the bits that are left, the plot that has to go forward, the characters that I’d pulled out of the first part because they were in the way, all have to be written into a coherent story and given a satisfactory conclusion.

It seems so much easier to play with an idea for a short story than to get down to serious work. Those little ideas that hit me when I’m brushing my teeth, or rummaging in the pantry for the onions, are so tempting. Over the last fortnight I’ve been an enchanted swan, a woman losing her mind, a Saxon sentry, a corrupt diplomat and a Gothic chieftain. Each time the bit of fun has become engrossing to the point that the problems of plot holes and discordance of chronology in the novel I’m rewriting have disappeared off the radar.

Next week I should have the first editorial suggestions for volume two of The Green Woman trilogy. So I will be back to battling with ‘the banality of evil’ in Providence. There are also the in-world stories to prepare for publication, more evil, flying horses and possessed children. And people wonder why I can’t get excited about a new breakfast cereal.