Bordeaux goes organic

For the last few years Bordeaux has been going green. The municipality has stopped using weed killer to keep the pavements tidy. Now you either pull out your own weeds by hand or you cultivate a luxuriant jungle in front of your house. The municipal gardeners mulch instead of turning the soil over and killing off the bugs and wildlife that lurk in the flowerbeds, and of course, no chemical fertilizer. It’s all good stuff that makes the public gardens smell like farmyards when they’ve been ‘muck spreading’.
The most unlikely places (beneath the traffic lights on traffic islands, for example) have acquired plantations of flowers. On request, any householder can have holes drilled in the pavement outside their house and the council will plant something suitable in it. We’re having the treatment when the man with the drill finds the time—he’s run off his feet, the poor dear, his little sub-section is submerged with demands to ‘plant up’.

These are two pics husband took on his bike ride this morning, typical of the flower mania that’s gripped the city.