Winter’s tales

Photo ©Lewis Collard


In the north,

ice floes sail,

compact glitter,

trailing their cold embrace

through the glass green ocean.


Glistens the sun

on frost in winter meadows,

and the waning light

in rolling tears

when no one is there.


Cold wind carries the restless leaves

gathered in the earth’s lap,

where blackbirds sort the living and the dead.


All dead, the flowers,

glowers the cloud,

shrouds their remains,

chains of frost bedeck their bed,

dead winter’s feast,

least of all the sparrows shiver.

Haiku for the end of winter

Two haiku about the lingering cold. One more hopeful. The painting is by Mednyánszky.


Mist beneath the trees

cold drips from stark black branches

ice cracks as I pass.

* * *

Fog on the river

disconsolate gulls crying

water grey as death.

 * * *

Swing low rising moon

into the net of my dreams

and light my shadows.