Microfiction challenge Freedom: the entries

The Repin painting inspired a lot of fun fantasy romps this week, all with a slightly different, original twist. I enjoyed reading them all, and I recommend you read and comment on the stories too. They’re well worth it 🙂

I won’t leave any more comments on this round up as there are quite a lot of entries this week, and I am still under the influence of a sleeping pill—watch out for typos.

Look in tomorrow for another prompt. Now, to look out an inspiring image 🙂


Lady Lee

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Bill (I’m putting this at the end because of the phantom white space that follows the link)

To Dance in the Sea

The Procession: Part three

The final 100 words from me (I think) on Repin’s strange painting


When the last of the ill-fated courtiers disappeared into the gloom, and the laughter of the merfolk had faded into a mirthless gurgle, she picked her way carefully across the deck. Broken spars and tangled traps of rigging barred her way but she leapt, floated, glided, following the dogfish along the ocean’s uncharted paths. Mile upon mile of phantom fish and shimmering shoals, she passed, cliffs of green rock, forests of gently waving fronds, and piles of monumental coral, before she heard the song of his wandering soul, and the dark ocean leapt with the brilliant light of lovers reunited.