Poetry challenge In the rain: the entries

Sorry about the delay. I’ve just got in from the back end of beyond so the round up will be followed at the speed of light (almost) by this week’s challenge.

So many entries this week! I’m afraid I’m not going to have the time to do justice to all of them. The overall picture is of a great diversity of interpretations. The dominant reds and the aggressive slashes of rain have called up angry, even violent poems. Those of you who picked up on the presence of a dog in the painting have felt a more soothing, calming influence. Yet even the poems expressing regrets and a lost past, have a strong beat to them, not always anger, but a positive feeling as though the poet is not going to take defeat lying down. Very well done all of you! Please visit and read the other poems, they make a very vibrant collection.


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Poetry challenge #41: In the rain

I’m posting this tonight because I won’t have time tomorrow and the last time I scheduled a post for the next day it didn’t work.

The painting is by Franz Marc entitled In the rain. I like his work. There’s so much going on in it, and so much energy. You have three characters here, a man, a woman and a dog. Except for the dog, they don’t look very happy. The rain is pouring in torrents and the dominant colours are red and steel grey. That must mean something, but what?

Use any poetry form you like, and if you want a bit more inspiration, try using these words:

Rain, red, relentless, river, regrets.

Leave a link to your post in the comments before next Tuesday. I hope I’ll have written a poem by them. Happy writing!