Twittering Tales: The face at the window

A 276 character story for Kat Myrman’s twittering tales photo prompt.

Photo by Alistair MacRobert via



Jilly tugged her big brother’s hand. “Why’s there a big wind coming out of Mr Roberts’, Darryl?”
Darryl shrugged. “One of his daft inventions probably.”
“Darryl? Can you see a cat’s face at the window?”
Darryl’s eyes narrowed then widened in fear.
“Darryl, where’s the rest of it?”

Twittering Tales: Fighting fire

280 characters or Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales. I don’t know what got into me with this one, honest, nor why I called him Harvey…

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Jim heaved himself through the manhole gasping for breath the fumes of toxic gas billowing around him. Heavy hands on his shoulders stopped him. Harvey.
“Back you go. The fire’s not out yet.”
With a grin Harvey slammed the manhole cover back in place and hurried back to Jim’s wife.

Twittering Tales: Now, what does that remind me of….?

A 277 character story for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales


He told her to wait at the end of the hallway. There was nowhere to sit, no music no TV to watch no other candidates to stare at just a row of closed doors. She frowned as a word—Gladiator—jogged a memory. An instant later the doors flew open on a yelling sword-swirling horde.

Twittering Tales: Backwards

This cynical little tale (208 characters) is for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales.

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I used to be a polar bear but the Fundamentalists told me the theory of evolution was a lie and made me go back to being a frog. I’ll get my own back though—they don’t believe in climate change either. Ha ha!

Twittering Tale: Picnic baskets

This 258 character tale is for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tuesday prompt.

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He pushed through the undergrowth and peered at the sign.

Must be this way, he thought, his stomach rumbling.

He hurried along the trail, thinking about lunch waiting at the end of it.

The trouble with signposts is that everyone can read them. Including bears.

Twittering Tale: The accident

This little 244 character tale is for Kat Merman’s Twittering Tales.



Just terrible bad luck, the inquest said, that she had wandered in during the few seconds the security barrier was down.

The coroner ordered the establishment to clean off the ivy from the plaque that indicated ‘Hopewell Psychiatric Hospital.”


Twittering Tales: Tacky

My (vitriolic) contribution in 219 characters to Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales.

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The backpackers frowned, not at the plethora of B&Bs but at the street architecture, wondering if there might still be a corner of the planet that was not afflicted with the plague of that particular mass-produced door!

Twittering Tale: The List

For Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tuesday, a 280 character story.

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She picked up the crumpled sheet& looked around guiltily before smoothing it out, feeling like a voyeur. How awful, she thought, someone must be going through hell right now, &looked for a stone to hold down the shopping list in case the distraught owner came back looking for it.


Twittering Tales: Gatsby said…

This 260 character bit of nonsense is in response to Kay Myrman’s Twittering Tuesday challenge. I used all the book titles.



Fifty shades of grey Jesus, calling for proofs of heaven, searching in the diary of a wimpy kid. Lean in, Gatsby said, the inferno beckons. And the mountains echoed—Happy, Happy, Happy! Oh, the places you go, Gatsby smiled from his seat at the end of the pier.

Twittering Tales: Fire

This little tale of 205 characters is for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tuesday.

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They thought they were safe from the world’s problems in their luxury chalets. The expensive boutiques, restaurants and security of the mountain resort kept out the riff-raff. But not determined arsonists.