When the tide ebbs low


In the mud by the river
The kingcups grow
And the alders bow and the white gulls cry.
On the bank of the river rolling by
The tide runs high and the tide ebbs low.

In the reeds by the river
When the sun is low
Where the heron stands in the alders’ shade
The willow hangs over a secret glade
A rushy bank where the lovers go.

On the path by the river
Where the kingcups blow
And the heron stalks and the white gulls call
I saw my love where the reeds grow tall
And the tide runs high and the tide ebbs low.

In the reeds by the river
Where the sea breeze blows
He held her close and he whispered low
Were it not for me he’d be free to go
Where the wild geese fly and the river flows.

In the mud by the river
There’s a yellow glow
Where I tossed from my finger a golden ring
That flashed in the sun like a finch’s wing
For the sea to take when the tide ebbs low.

After the flood

The banks are quiet now
After the flood.
Green grass grows
And golden kingcups
Among the sedge.
The banks are green
Where the ruins of trees
Rest awhile
After the turbulent waters ebb
Until the green grass
And golden kingcups
Weave a bright winding-sheet
Or the next wild tide
Sweeps through the sedge
To bear them down to the sea.

©Tess Avelland /  	Midnightmuse
©Tess Avelland /