High as

a kite,
flying so high,
a mote in the eye
of the all-seeing sky,
lost to sight
behind a cloud, bright
as a distant sea.

Kite bird sails,
a ship, in its wake trails
no sound.

on the wind’s back,
tide’s swell, wave’s smack,
kite rides the coming storm,
where swallows swarm
into the after light.

We walk in leaf shadow

green river bank

Too hot for spring, we walk in leaf shadow,

Damp-footed in the heavy dew.

Mud oozes, sea-green and buttercup-creeping,

Smelling of the sea and elderflowers.

Blackbirds listen for the murmur of worms,

Run­-stop-running, leaf-tossing among the fronds,

Where fledglings waddle and squabble,

Seal-sleek and gannet-beaked.

Life sprawls as slow as the sun’s arc,

Fast as the deepening blue of evening,

And sings in all the colours of the rose.

Overhead, in silent, widening curves,

Bland yellow gaze fixed on the dapples,

The kite hangs with death in his eye.

Poetry challenge #27: San San

This form, the san san, is another little beauty that I find extremely appealing. It was a NaPoWriMo prompt suggested by Thomas Kearney. There’s a lovely example of a san san on his blog here

The san san is an eight line poem using three images repeated three times and a rhyme scheme that goes: abcabdcd.

It needs a bit of thought, but then what doesn’t? I hope you’ll give it a try. Post your creations in the comments preferably with a pingback. Pingbacks seem to be infallible. Other links sometimes go astray, dissolve into thin air etc.

Here is my san san.


Listening to the wind among the reeds,

I watch the black kite glide across the lake,

Smell the blossom on the apple tree.

Wind brings ocean memories, and the seeds

To fill another orchard, in the wake

Of black kite, hunting where the field mice run.

Like wind and kite my thoughts fly bright and free,

Lake water caught beneath the rising sun.