Haiku challenge: Harp & Clear

This week’s challenge thrown out by Ronovan is to use the two words Harp and Clear. Visit his blog to read the other haiku entries.

Painting by Franz Marc

Harpist sends the notes
soaring high in the clear air
vying with the lark.

You pluck the harp strings
of my heart winging singing
bell-clear honey sweet.


Haiku challenge: Rise & Save

Ronovan’s haiku prompt this week is Rise & Save. I spent a while working out a few poems, much of it trying to blot out the idea of Rise & Shine. Again, I’ve taken slight liberties with the two words. I call it poetic licence. If you trot over to Ronovan’s blog, you can read the other entries.


Rise sun, dawn break soft,
spare the tender night shadows,
leave us our secrets.

Dawn breaks, lark rises,
sings his songs of sunlight saved
from night’s dark shadows.

Sunrise, shadows fade,
golden beams light all darkness,
save your frowning face.

Old gods

Brambles crawl ragged and riotous
around the base of the hill.
Stone stands moss-covered
grass to its knees
amid bullocks snuffling.
Higher still, clouds hang
pulled by the strings of the stars
and soft rain falls
puddling hoof prints
by the water trough.
Lark sings in the high air
and the stone stands.

And the stone stands
with its roots in the earth,
the earth that spills and spreads
and rolls beneath the grass
until it joins the sea.
The tides roll and waves roar
and sea caves echo with the lark’s song.
For all things join
From the stars in the sky
to the pebbles that grind and roll
in the depths of the deep sea caves.
And they join with the stone
that stands on the hill
where bullocks graze and the lark sings.

I look over the land from the stone on the hill
and I hear the lark sing
in the far sea caves.
My feet sink deep, down in the earth
that forever was mine and will always be,
full of the voices and breath of my past.
My heart listens to the soul of all things
singing the lark’s song
to the rolling deeps.