The seller of dreams

Poem inspired by twitter friend and muse, Luigi La Ragione.
Painting by Caspar David Friedrich

XKH141318 Drifting Clouds (oil on canvas); by Friedrich, Caspar David (1774-1840); 18.3x24.5 cm; Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany; German, out of copyright

You sold me dreams of smoke without fire,
The clouds you rode dissolved in rain,
The blue you painted across the sky,
Torn and rent let through the night.
You poured me an ocean of restless waves,
That rolled over shadows of jagged rocks.
The rainbow smiles were for the others,
The promises made were words in the wind.
You wrote your heart in ripples of water,
And walked away in the cold light of the stars.

I whispered your words

Another Odilon Redon sailboat


I whispered your words into a shell,
The lies you used to tell me.
I took the shell out in a boat
And dropped it in the sea.
The water deep and dark and green
Swallowed the echoing words,
Left me alone with an empty heart
And a sky full of mocking birds.
The wind on the ocean murmured your name,
The waves rolled the words in the shell,
The gulls called out for the rest of the tale,
But there was nothing more to tell.