Cavemen and lawmen

The dverse prompt today is to rewrite a pop song in the style of a sonnet. I wasn’t going to do this as I’ve only ever written a couple of sonnets and don’t go much for pop songs. There are exceptions though, so here’s my attempt at one of them.


She couldn’t see what she had done so wrong,

Nor understand her parents’ cries to go,

A little thing, to make up such a song

And dance; movies, same sordid story show.

The innocent is beaten by the law,

Ghoulish crowds draw round in fascination

As blows rain down the morons watch in awe,

She leaves the cinema in desperation.

To ask the sky, she raises eyes to heaven,

If this is really how we’re meant to be,

Turns her back on hypocrites and cavemen,

And hopes she may find somewhere to be free.

She wonders if there’s life among the stars,

Perhaps on the red planet, life on Mars?