Night sky is black

The Daily Post prompt is: understanding.

A cleave poem, because I haven’t written one in a while.


Night sky is black/ shot with light

A sheet pierced with holes/ a million stars

And a light that shines behind/ showing the way

From another world, I long to go/ to a better place than this

Though the weight in between/ so dark and full of pain

Stirs the air thick with mists I can barely see

Wings white and strong will bear me/ across the feather-light sky

And a story guide my way/ to where the spirit is free.


Only the night


Only the night lights the lamps of the stars,

Only the sea catches them when they fall,

Rocks them with driftwood and wave-broken spars.


Shining the same on both beauty and scars,

The night fills with splendour our bottles and jars,

Only the night lights the lamps of the stars.


The blustering wind blows the ripples and mars

The spangles of sea stars, a silvery scrawl,

Rocks them with driftwood and wave-broken spars.


Day casts our dreams where there are no lodestars

Though our hearts yearn to catch and polish them all.

Only the night lights the lamps of the stars,

And rocks them with driftwood and wave-broken spars.


Microfiction: Let there be light

Another 99 word fairy tale for Charli’s Carrot ranch writing prompt


Once upon a time the world was dark, and people lived in fear of things that went bump and things with sharp teeth and claws. A little girl sat in a corner out of the way of blundering feet, listening to the mutterings and the scufflings, waiting until she was big enough to help the people get over their fear. On her sixth birthday she decided she was big enough. She felt her way around the room until she found the place, then she reached up high, as high as ever she could, and she turned on the light.

More gulls

More gulls and the effect of light. The eye doesn’t pick up the change, but the camera does. From the same place, at the same time, photographs taken into the light and with the sun behind. Stunning difference, but it takes technology to see it.







Winged light

soaring simplicity

effortless grace

buoyed up by river mist

suspended from the stars

skim the waves

find what was lost

and guide it home.




What power, to take a star,
A brilliant sphere of fire,
Concentrated into the purest light,
And shatter it,
Sending sparks and shards of pure white fire
Across the black reaches of the universe.
What artist created such beauty,
Such astounding glory?
No hand is raised in answer,
No voice calls, present, rolling louder than the thunder.
Only silence falls from the overarching sky.
And in the great pulsing heart of the cosmos,
Where matter and antimatter and quarks are made,
In the great heart where stardust and unicorns grow,
Silence sings to the ears of memory,
The ancestral songs that course in every atom of our blood,
And the great wheel turns unaided.

A Christmas wish


Earth turns to face its longest night

carrying us furthest from the sun

and cities fill with light to chase the dark,

take our fears and give us tinsel in exchange.

But when the longest night is done

and we journey back towards the brighter days

let us not forget the dark that lies in wait

should tinsel take the place of wonder and respect,

not take the earth into the endless night

but bring all things to birth in another spring.