Haiku challenge: Dragon & invite

Ronovan’s challenge this week has produced three haiku, but only the first one contains both words.

Photo ©André Karwath


Dragonfly skims by

inviting comparison

with ancient namesake.

red sky.jpg

Dragon in the sky

storm clouds in fierce sunset hues

spell blood and fire.


Photo ©Dario Sanches

On a sunny stone

beneath sultry summer skies

small dragon sunbathes.

Lizard dreams of former glories


Lizard scuttles
Stump-tailed bark-coloured
To the safety
Of the rough stone wall.
Cat yawns
Satin-sleek old roué
The twitching stick tail half-forgotten
Beneath his godlike paw.
Lizard waits
In a cool crack
With grains of sand
And the wrinkled remains
Of dry dead leaves.
Sides heave
In ancient anger
And in the eye’s dark depths
Dragon stirs
Steaming swamps
Fear-soaked fur
Brittle bones breaking
Beneath its jaws
And the taste of hot blood
On its saurian tongue.