NaPoWriMo: Raven speaks

The prompt today—tell an old story from the point of view of a minor character. This is the story of Baldr’s death told in the form of a constanza by a watching raven.


These pearly berries Raven would not taste,

Black Crow gathers, furtive, with a cruel eye

And hurries with a step both quick and sly.

Black Crow takes an arrow and makes haste

To coat the metal tip with berry-death,

And steal away the bright one’s living breath.

I, Raven, call—my warning is but waste,

The human flock intent upon their joy,

Cannot see their Black Crow’s wicked ploy.

Black Crow smiles, his sightless cuz enlaced,

Guides his aim, the berry-coated point,

The laughing god with pearl death to anoint.

Black Crow grins, the poisoned flight is traced,

The blind man weeps, joy from his face is chased,

Pearl bright berries Raven would not taste.