Did I say?

A cascade poem for Paul’s dverse prompt—community. Maybe slightly off prompt, but it’s what came to mind.


Did I say I needed more than this,

Than your strong arms to hold me through the night

Than your heart’s pulse that beats in time with mine?


Did I say I wanted piles of gold,

Or palaces and easy summer days?

Did I say I needed more than this?


The moon and stars that light the darkest hours,

Too far their fire, I need no other warmth,

Than your strong arms to hold me through the night.


Of all the treasures heaped in earth’s broad lap,

None makes my blood leap more with purest joy,

Than your heart’s pulse that beats in time with mine.

Moon music and secrets

Today’s magnet poems came one from each of the Poet, Nature and Original word sets.


Cry in the wind,Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 12.34.24

black tears for lost love.

Moon in shadow sleeps,

her music stilled—

not a thousand years enough

to smooth away the ache.



Earth is berry-brightScreen Shot 2017-04-15 at 12.08.34

in a harmony of greens—

the dark cycle’s over.

Listen to the fullness grow,

at dusk fall,

when light rain murmurs

its sweet, gentle song.



Ask me neverScreen Shot 2017-04-15 at 12.43.27

my secrets.

We two share

one heart—

your joy is mine.



Robin’s song not done

Continuing my masochistic exploration of poetic forms, I have written a cascade poem using rhyme as well as meter. Makes it more difficult and makes me feel chuffed when it’s finished.

This continues the dVerse ‘river’ theme.

Bad weather2

River flows chill where the celandines throng,

Mid flood debris on its way down to the sea,

Robin’s not done with his sweet winter song.


Tresses of green-grey, the current pulls strong,

The cry of the gulls sounds like laughter to me,

River flows chill where the celandines throng.


I toss out my hopes, sail to where you may be,

Garlands of dreams float, I set them all free,

Mid flood debris on its way down to the sea.


On gold tangled banks this is where I belong

Though your face like love fades and false hopes flee,

Robin’s not done with his sweet winter song.

She pines for her lost dreams

A villanelle for the Secret Keeper’s writing prompt. The words are (with the odd synonym)


Sailors Take Warning

The red-striped sky is full of dreams,

Tomorrow’s stories yet untold,

And hopes that grow in silver beams.


Above the ocean, white cloud creams

In frosty blue and glacier cold,

The red-striped sky is full of dreams.


Bedecked in silk, the full moon seems

To pour a balm of pure white gold

And hopes that grow in silver beams.


Yet in the darkness sorrow streams,

For wishes lost that grew too old,

The red-striped sky is full of dreams.


That I could find hid in the seams,

Some unspoilt rose that might unfold,

And hopes that grow in silver beams.


For love is never what it seems,

Desires can be bought and sold,

The red-striped sky is full of dreams,

And hopes that grow in silver beams.

Like the swan and turtle dove

Today’s dVerse challenge is to write a poem in ‘common meter’ which is more or less the ballad-style meter I am very fond of using.


The tide was running high that night,

The moon was hanging low,

We walked the cliffs by starlight,

And sunset’s ling’ring glow.


I gave my heart to you love,

And you told me you’d be true,

Like the swan and turtle dove

I gave my love to you.


But you left me on the morrow,

At the ebb tide sailed away,

You left me only sorrow

That grows deeper every day.


Should you come sailing back, love,

To find me waiting here for you,

With the swan and turtle dove,

I’ll have flown to pastures new.

Microfiction challenge Moonlit night: the entries

Bit slow off the mark today with the round up, but it let one last entry slip in under the wire. I really enjoyed the stories this week. They explored the subjects of friendship and loyalty with great thoughtfulness, and I think it says something about your sensitivity that the dog was an important character in your stories.






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Moon Spill


Moonlit stones

Another twitter flow poem


Lay it to rest, the love that died,

plant a yew tree at its heart,

let it be and let it grow,

no regrets, no pleas to start anew,

let tomorrow blossom free.


Moonlight wanders on the lake,

silver water laps the shore.

Where did it go the moonlit love,

gone with the dreams I dream no more?


In the old stone, voices whisper,

memories of warmth and fire.

Should I kindle the cold hearth’s flame

I will add my words one day to theirs,

for stone lives longer than our puny bones,

its ageless silence softer than our raucous songs.


 I will never be the cold stone in the path,

the branch that snags,

the stinging wasp.

For you, I will always be

the sun on the grass,

the morning dew,

and the lark singing

where the river meets the sea.