A Month With Yeats: Day Twenty-Nine

Coming to the end of the month with a quote that opens up a lot of possibilities. This one is from ‘No Second Troy’.

‘Why, what could she have done, being what she is?

Was there another Troy for her to burn?’—W.B. Yeats


He denies his love herself


She was headstrong and proud, they said,

Too fiery for the peaceful life

Of house and children in her skirts,

The tender mother, attentive wife.

He thought he’d mould her to his will,

Because he had decided so,

In her grace and beauty saw a mate

And when with sorry smile she told him no,

Blamed her cold heart and ill-starred fate,

That drenched the fires in his heart.

He never looked into those eyes,

And saw a wild deer poised to dart,

A hawk take wing into the light,

Or brave alone the dark and starry night.