The Daily Post prompt today is ‘stroll’



I stroll, walk

among the flowers,

beneath the trees,

along the river.

I can,

without fear,

because once,

some brave men

and brave women

said no,

to abject depravity,

and though they died,

more came after

and drove the darkness away,

so I may stroll, walk

among the summer scents

and remember.

May 8 1945


On this day, the bells rang out,

The crowds cheered, and joy flowed in rivers,

But creeping inexorably into the light,

Its pale, white underbelly revealed,

Nameless and blind, the foul creature we had woken.

No bright lights, no embrace however tight,

No indiscriminate kissing of strangers,

Will ever dispel

That bloated face hiding in the shadows.

Out of the depths, did it croak,

The beast that cannot crawl back,

For we have plumbed the depths

And lit beneath arc lights its depravity.

When the wild, delirious laughter fades,

The only sound I hear

Is the mourners’ song for the dead.